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Have you been misinformed?

In the analysis of a recent survey conducted by UMR Research and the Housing Industry Association (HIA), almost three quarters of potential first home buyers mistakenly believed they needed up to a 20% deposit. While approximately half believed they needed more than a 20% deposit!

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Many others are also being held back fulfilling their dream of home ownership as they were under the impression they needed to have long term employment with the same employer and a perfect credit history.

None of these things are true!

If you are one of those unfortunate people who have been held back, the reason for this is very simple – you might have been misinformed and not given the right advice.

If you have a 20% deposit, then well done. If you don’t though, don’t let it hold you back because I can help applicants with:

  • No deposit or genuine savings.

  • Limited deposit or genuine savings.

  • Family assistance via gift or equity.

  • Self-employed for less than one year

  • Low Docs for those without up-to-date financials.

  • Part time, permanent part time or casual employment.

  • Visas – Temporary, permanent, spousal, working or business visas.

  • Less than perfect credit history.

If you fit into any of the above categories, don’t risk your dreams and future on poor information and advice.

Head over to our contact details to start a conversation with us today. Get the right advice and discover how you could make your dream of home ownership a reality.


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