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What we do

I Know The Broker is experienced in all key lending markets. ​We pride ourselves on finding the best possible solution for your financial puzzle!

How we work for you

1. Understand your goals

We gather your information and requirements in order to determine what products will best suit your circumstances.

2. Provide you with the best options

We research the best available options and present the product details to you. Or we establish a plan to help you reach lending approval. 

3. Get your loan sorted for you

We do all the follow up and negotiating, to make sure your application is processed and approved as fast as possible and with the best rate. 

4. Help you continue to save money

We stay in contact periodically to review your loan and make sure your current situation in life continues to be supported by your lending product.

First Home | Next Home | Investment Loans

Are you looking to buy, renovate, invest, sign a contract, or just want to plan for the future? This might be one of your biggest investments and it makes sense to do it right. FIRST HOME BUYERS First Home Buyers currently have so many different schemes and grants available to them it can get confusing. We keep across all the latest details and will guide you through each of them, so you can be confident you are taking the best path forward with your purchase. We will establish exactly how much you need for a deposit to get into your first home today, or set the goal for you to work towards. You may be surprised by how little this is – knowing is the first step. NEXT HOME Whether it's due to unexpected events, a long planned downsize, or looking for more room to accommodate a growing family - our team can help you. We will make sure you maximise your equity and get the best loan product and rate for your situation. INVESTMENT LOANS Investment lending has had some major changes and your borrowing capacity can vary between lenders by $100,000's. Now more than ever is the right time to speak with us about your best approach to make sure you’re optimising your lending structure and don’t miss out on that investment opportunity.

Self-Employed | Medical Practitioners

People who are self-employed or working in the medical industry, now have lending products made available specifically for them and their unique characteristics. Working with these demographics is an area of focus at I know The Broker. We have helped many in these fields qualify for these lending products and access a loan sooner, while also saving money upfront and long term. SELF-EMPLOYED LOANS As a small self-employed business ourselves, educating and obtaining self-employed home loans for our clients is one of our specialities. We have many available loans for those self-employed that cater all the way from full documentation, no documentation, and everything in between! We now even have options for people who are self-employed but pay themselves a consistent PAYG wage. Many self-employed have their home loan applications rejected due simply to applying to the wrong bank. There are so many different policies and niches that can fit your circumstances. Talk to us today and we can make sure we match you to the right bank for the right outcome. MEDICAL INDUSTRY LOANS Now more than ever, many practitioners in the medical industry can buy with just a 10% deposit and no Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). This can save thousands and often medical workers are unaware they may qualify. It's worth talking to us and checking if your role is included.

Refinancing | Debt Consolidation

Refinancing an existing home loan can help to save you significant sums of money by reducing the size of your mortgage repayments of your loan. The same can be said about consolidating your debts, be those multiple credit cards, ATO liabilities, or otherwise. You might have more options than you think. We look at the whole picture and align our recommended product with your unique goals and objectives. We are not all the same, and here at I Know The Broker we understand this, and don't take a cookie cutter approach when looking at your personal situation. Always learning and staying on top of different products and niches, our goal is to make sure the product we suggest places you in a better situation financially and/or structurally and will help meet your personal financial goals.

Car and
Equipment Finance

We handle both personal car loans, and equipment finance for commercial buyers looking to purchase new or used plant and machinery for their business. We will find you the very best rate with many available options ranging from leases, chattel mortgage, commercial hire, and more. Depending on your requirements there are Full Doc or Low Doc options to obtain your loan.

Commercial | SMSF


Commercial property loans and Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Loans are two sectors of the lending space that are known for getting complicated. I Know The Broker is experienced in both these areas and can simplify this process for you, ensuring you reach your goals and most effectively position yourself financially for the long term. Commercial Property Looking to buy in the commercial arena? We have finance solutions for all your commercial needs. Retail, office space or even industrial freehold, we can assist with LVR's up to 80%, lo-doc, lease doc or even refinance an expiring facility. SMSF Using a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase property is another option available to better position yourself now and into retirement…when used correctly. This is a tricky space with numerous rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Let us take away the guesswork and help you achieve maximum advantage of this potential vehicle for wealth creation.

Free smart home sensors valued at $250. Lower premiums for being smarter. And all this in just 3 minutes! Thanks to our partnership with Honey Insurance, when you take out home and contents insurance, you’ll receive smart home sensors for free that can alert you to avoidable mishaps like fire, water damage and theft. Allowing you to focus more energy on what you had planned. By reducing your risk with our smart sensors, you’ll pay less for premiums. Get a discount of up to 8% every year, not just a one-time sign-up bonus. Honey is insurance that rewards you every day, not just one day. Rather than taking 30 minutes to get you covered, we can do it in 3 minutes. Our technology identifies info about your home – size, number of rooms, construction year, building materials – so we can help make getting you covered faster and simpler.

First Home
Car & Equipment
Home Insurance

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