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Elliott Hohenhaus

Finance Broker | Business Development Manager

Head shot of Elliott Hohenhaus



0468 456 152

Elliott is a fully qualified broker with a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. In his role, Elliott works closely with our senior broker, Renee, to carry out credit analysis, serviceability assessments, loan comparisons, policy research, and interpreting lender document requirements. This work ensures customers obtain the best available solution in the constantly moving and complex world of lending.

Elliott joined the team with over 10 years of professional experience in the civil engineering and project management fields to his name. With his impressive education and professional background, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to his work at I Know The Broker. With an eye for detail being crucial when applying for finance, Elliott can effectively manage our customers' loan applications and ensure they enjoy a simple and seamless experience.

In his spare time, Elliott enjoys life with an adventurous spirit. He can be found exploring new hiking trails, chasing early morning waves, or relaxing in the company of cherished friends and family. Elliott is also a "culinary enthusiast," with a love for cooking and trying new food, turning each dining experience into a delectable journey of discovery.

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