As your finance broker, we will negotiate with banks, credit unions and other credit providers on your behalf to arrange your loans. We will help you with all your finance needs from home loans, car loans, commercial loans and business loans, by offering you a variety of loan options and help select the right one for you.  We are there for you to manage the process from the beginning through to settlement.


Rate Set Go!

Finance Broking.  Negotating The Best Rates For You.

Finance Broker Extraordinaire


You're getting someone that cares, is efficient and works hard. We will go to great lengths to make sure that you not only get a great deal but that we meet all your timeframes. 


"Hi Renee,


It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and all of the Ray White staff. You have no idea how much we appreciate everything you have done for us. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for finance. I have lived in the area for nearly 30 years and I can only praise how wonderful you were."

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Renee Garsia 

Credit Planner/ Mortgage Broker


Ivanka Marincic

Client Services Officer