In the analysis of a recent survey conducted by UMR Research and the HIA (Housing Industry Association), a massive 73% of potential first home buyers mistakenly believed they needed up to a 20% deposit and up to 50% believed they needed more than a 20% deposit.
Many others are also being held back fulfilling their dream of home ownership because they believe they need to have long term employment with the same employer and a perfect credit history.
None of these things are true! If you are one of those unfortunate people who have been held back, the reason for this is very simple – you might have been misinformed and not given the right advice.
If you have a 20% deposit, then well done. If you don’t though, don’t let it hold you back because I can help applicants with:
  • No deposit or genuine savings.
  • Limited deposit or genuine savings.
  • Family assistance via gift or equity.
  • Self employed for less than one year
  • Low Docs for those without up to date financials.
  • Part time, permanent part time or casual employment.
  • Visas – Temporary, permanent, spousal, working or business visa’s.
  • Less than a perfect credit history.
    If you fit into any of the above categories, don’t risk your dreams and future on poor information and advice.
    Click here to start a conversation with me today. Get the right advice and discover how you could make your dream of home ownership a reality.
    Renee Garsia