Protecting Your Loan

How to keep your home (even if you lose your health, or your job)

As your broker, it's my responsibility to not only help you find the right loan, but also to help make sure you're able to service it.


That's because everyday life events can and do impact people's ability to make their repayments.


For instance, do you know how you – or your family - would meet your repayments if you suffered a serious injury, illness, or even death? What about if you lost your job?


Nobody likes to think about it.


Unfortunately, 60% of Australians believe they'd need to sell an asset within three months of losing their income1. So it's something that can't be ignored.

The good news is we may be able to help.


Loan Protection Plan – a simple solution

A Loan Protection Plan is an insurance product that may provide affordable protection for you and your family. It's designed specifically for home and property buyers and it's available through our partner, ALI Group.


Broader cover

What's so good about the ALI Loan Protection Plan is that it covers you for 11 serious illnesses (something most super insurance don't offer), involuntary unemployment for the first 5 years, as well as death and terminal illness. You don't need a medical to get the cover either.

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