May 31, 2017

But, insert( Mum, Dad, Friend, Neighbour): said we wouldn’t be able to get a loan. Generally speaking this advice is given with the best intentions but not always is it given with a full understanding of the process of getting into your first home.

SNAPSHOT - Mel and Dan

  • Both had full time jobs

  • They had a credit card each

  • They had one personal...

May 25, 2017


Investors How LMI can give you a head start?

Brad, a registered nurse, bought his first home five years ago. Having a penchant for carpentry, he got quickly into making the run-down timber bungalow a home—and adding significant value to the property.

CASE STUDY Since completing this project, Brad had searched for an apartment suitable for renovati...

May 4, 2017

Deposit – The banks will ask a few questions around this. They want detail on where it came from. Did you save it, sell something, tax return or was it a gift? How long have you been saving it for? If you didn’t save it, do you have to repay it? Genuine savings versus non-genuine? Different banks have different policies with varying criteria on what const...

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